Suggestion for Power and Pads for Letha House Visiting Telescopes

My personal interest is chiefly in POWER!  So my new Ford truck… Not only is there no (easy) way to shut off the default outside courtesy lights, the garsh darn cigarette power adapter times out after an hour!  Not good.  Don’t want to open the door.  Anyway, personally I don’t care about flat cement pads, but there is no AC power out in the Letha parking area.  Everything requires a lot of power these days: mounts, cameras, computers, perhaps even digital eyepieces soon.  Both Black River and Observatory Park have all of this covered with their visiting telescope pads and power areas.


Black River (Lorain County)


Observatory Park (Geauga County)


Nassau Astronomical Station (Geauga County)


Possible locations that offer particularly good unobstructed views.

Of course any change to Letha House Park would need to happen by or in injunction with CAA’s gracious host, the Medina County Park District.